College of St. Felix

The College was created for the students and staff of University of Arizona, but the meetings are open to all.

College of St. Felix Fighter Practice

Thursdays, 7 pm. *NEVER RAINS OUT!*

The first Thursday of every month will be dedicated to Arts & Science, and a monthly meeting.

The second week is Rapier.

The third week is Armored Combat.

The fourth week is Scribal and Fighting.

Come and help the Next Generation of Fighters learn the ways of Armor and Rapier Combat.

Come and See the Future of the Current Middle Ages and be a Part of it!
Search “Highland Quad, Tucson AZ” on Google Maps.

There is a circle to drop off your gear at the end of Lowell Street, which runs by the 6th Street Parking Garage.

Free Parking is south of 6th off of Santa Rita and Freemont Avenues or in any ‘permit required’ lot after 5pm. (Signs are posted.)


Seneschal:M'Lady Arria
Lady Arria Silvana

Deputy Seneschal:
M’Lady Samantha Becker

Lord Illario DiViterbo

Deputy Exchequer:
Lord Alexander the Diplomat

A&S Minister:
M’Lady Allora Arnold

M’Lady Hannah Gardner

Heavysuit Marshal:
M’Lord Dalton Logan

Rapier Marshal:
Lord Alejandro Gastesi de Olívan

Master Fergus


(Note: CSF Closes during the summer months.

Practices on 11/20/2014, 11/27/2014, 12/4/2014.  There will be no practices between 12/11/2014 and 1/13/2015.


We are always looking for teachers of the Arts & Sciences, and Fighting arts.