Seneschal’s Corner

Greetings from the Seneschal!

Want to become an officer or maybe a deputy officer?
Are you thinking about becoming one?
What about running an Event?

We have a great place to start with all the information you may need!

If you have questions about an office or becoming an officer, come join us at the Baronial Populace meeting, or talk to any officer when you see them at events or at Fighter Practice!

I can help you get started down the path of service for the Dream!

Current open officer positions are listed in the Tusker Times or on Officer Openings page.

For those of you interested in running an Event, the Event Steward Packet will answer most all of your questions about running events in our Barony. Stewarding an event can be a fun and fulfilling way for you to become more involved with the Barony.If you have any other questions please contact me and I will be happy to help you out or answer any questions you have!

Yours In Service to the Dream,
Lord James Constantine
MKA – James Mead