Baronial Court, Guard & Champions

Baronial Court

Baronial Steward
M’lord Sean McKaiden

Emergency Baronial Steward
Ld. James Constantine

Head Ladies in Waiting:
Viscountess Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale
Lady Berkedei Kokosara

Ladies in Waiting:
Bannthegn Mistress Magdalen Venturosa

BTY Baronial Guard 2019

(pictured from left to right, front to back)

Lord Mathurin Annorson, m’lord Kadak Dragomirov, Lady Lagertha Orfrindardottir, m’lord Sean McKaidan, Count Sir Thomas de Revele, HE Baroness Tigra, HE Baron Sir Brendan, Lord Peleus of Crete, Lord Dougal Corkran (the helpful) HL Don Arion the Falcon


Baronial Guard

Captain of the Baronial Guard and Bearer of the Great Helm:
Count Sir Thomas de Revele (pictured)

Lieutenant of the Guard: Lord Mathurin Annorson
First Sergeant: Lady Lagertha Orfrindardottir
Second Sergeant: Lord Peleus of Crete
Guardsman in Perpetuity: Lord Cuchlarainn

Captain of the Rapier Guard:
m’lord Kadak Dragomirov

Lieutenant of the Guard: m’lord Sean McKaidan
First Sergeant: Lord Dougal Corkran (the Helpful)
Second Sergeant: HL Don Arion the Falcon



Youth Champion:  Gunni Blödvok


Other Baronial Champions

Bard of the Boar: Sir Wolfgrim Kolbrandson
Tantony Bard: M’Lord Benny of Tir Ysgithr
BTY Youth Archery Champion: m’lord Griffin of Tir Ysgithr
Gawd Awful Grail: Ld Peleus of Crete
Gaudy Goblet: Ld Lucjan Niemira
Ghastly Glass:

BTY Archery Champion:
Lord William of Grimsby

Current A&S Champion: Ld. Lucjan Niemira
Current A&S Household Champion: Hrafnheim