Head Lady in Waiting:

Lady Gabriella le Fevre

Ladies in Waiting:

Lady Iuliana Inghean Phadraig
Lady Avalina
Lady Sigrid
M’Lady Maeve Sinclair
M’Lady Terse
M’Lady Kira
M’Lady Decima


Lord Nikolas
Lord Alikibades


M’Lady Aubrey
M’Lady Genevieve
M’Lady Dianna
M’Lord Benjamin


Captain of the Baronial Guard and Bearer of the Great Helm: Count Sir Thomas d’Revel
Lieutenant of the Guard: Lord Wolfgrim Kolbrandson
First Sergeant: Lord Ciaran Gallowglass
Second Sergeant: Honorable Lordship Jorge Frauschlagger
Guardsman in Perpetuity: Lord Cuchlarainn
Baronial Banner Bearer: M’Lord Lucjan

Captain of the Rapier Guard: Lord William Lochridge
Lieutenant: Thegn Sir Zhigmun Czypsser
First Sergeant: M’Lord Nicholas
Second Sergeant: Lady Catriona Inghean Fhaoloain Mhic


Bard of the Boar: Lord Rian hua Tadgain
Tantony Bard: M’Lord Tully

BTY Archery Champion: Lord Loys le Fevre
BTY Youth Archery Champion: M’Lord Hunter

A&S Champion: Lady Yasha the Poisioner