Lady Cyneburga

Lady Cyneburga

Head Lady in Waiting: Lady Cyneburga Thorisdohter

Ladies in Waiting:

Baroness Roisin de Revel
Lady Aida Ysabella Lacarra de Navarra
Lady Juliana Ruadh MacLachlan
Lady Anastasia MacEwan De Ravena
Lady AySun al-Andalusi
M’Lady Portia Lacarra de Navarra
M’Lady Gabriella le Fevre
M’Lady Maeve Sinclair
M’Lady Columba de Palomares

Our Lady of Pages: Sayidda Mariyah al-Medina

Preface: M’Lord Sean Bond
Page One: M’Lady Cecilia
Page Two: M’Lady Molly
Page Three: M’Lady Janae
Page Four: M’Lady Shyanna
Index: M’Lord Gabriel


Hard Suit Guards

Hard Suit Guards


Bearer of the Great Helm and Captain: Sir Cosimo Orsini

Hard Suit Guard in Order of Rank:
Lord Atlas of Carthage
Lord Peleus of Crete
Lord Demetrios of Crete

Guardsman in Perpetuity: Lord Cuchlarian
Banner-Bearer: Lady Cwenhild Saewardesdohter



Lord Etgar wit Acra Archery Champion

Lord Etgar wit Acra
Archery Champion

Armored Combat Champion: Sir Cosimo Orsini

Rapier Champion: Lord Arion the Falcon
Youth Combat Champion: M’Lord Ryan Stagg
Archery Champion: Lord Etgar wit Acra
Youth Archery Champion: M’Lord Hunter
Arts and Science Champion: Lady Evyor Haldorsdottir
Arts and Science Household Champion:  De la Roc

De la Roc A&S Household Champion

De la Roc
A&S Household Champion









Bard of the Boar: Lord Loys le Fevre

Bearer of the Girdle of Grace: Lady Aida Lacarra de Navarra
Bearer of the Gawdawful Grail: Lord Nator Der Grothen Schwarzen Hahn
Bearer of the Gawdy Goblet: Lord Taka Go
Bearer of the Ghastly Glass: M’Lord Leif