Rapier Combat

Rapier combat is reminiscent of that from the late 15th century to the early 17th century. Fighters can move in any direction and can use bucklers/shields, capes, canes, daggers, parrying gauntlet and other offhand defensive equipment.

Photo by Lady Sigrid Ulfsdottir of Aschehyrst

There are two categories of rapier combat, each requiring separate authorization.

  • Heavy Rapier
  • Cut and Thrust Rapier

Rapier fighters must wear protective clothing in compliance with the rules of the SCA. These rules can be found on the www.sca.org website.

The Marshal:

Our current Rapier Combat Marshal is Lord Haukr Bjarnarson. The Marshal is responsible for the safety of all on the battlefield. The Marshal also keeps records of who is authorized to participate in armored combat

Contact the Rapier Marshal

Rapier Combat in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr

Every Tuesday night is Fighter Practice. Fighter Practice is a great place to come out and see what we do and meet the Barony. Not only will you find armored combat fighters, there will also be Rapiers, Dancers and Drummers. So, come and join us at the Southwest corner of Reid Park.

The first Tuesday of every month is set aside for melee, so unauthorized fighters will have fewer teachers, as well as fewer opportunities to participate on those days. Training of new rapier fighters is best done early, so come out as close to 7:00pm as possible. (Fighter Practice will sometimes get rained out during Monsoon season.)