College Officers

Much like any Branch of the SCA, the College of St. Felix has Officers that help run their Branch. The College of St. Felix however, follows UofA Club guidelines and “elects” their Officers by majority vote.

All elected or appointed officers of these activities to be eligible to hold these leadership positions must at the time of their election or appointments meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0
  • Graduate students, must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Participants must be enrolled for AT LEAST 7 units during their term of office.
  • The Monitoring of academic eligibility of presidents is overseen by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership

Current College Officers:

College of St. Felix Seneschal

Lady Petronia Lupa

The College Seneschal’s job, is to coordinate and facilitate the administrative duties for the group – which often includes reserving spaces or classrooms for the club to use on campus, as well as overseeing any Events and the financials for the group.

The College Seneschal reports to the Baronial Seneschal, the Baron & Baroness and the Kingdom Seneschal, however the College Seneschal is responsible for the club.

In UofA Club terms, the College Seneschal is the Club’s President.
To contact the College Seneschal, email:

College Exchequer

Tom Firstenberg

The College Exchequer is responsible for the financials of the group and reports to the College Seneschal and the Baronial Exchequer. The College Seneschal could also receive support from the Kingdom Exchequer as well.

In UofA Club Terms, the College Exchequer if the group’s Treasurer.
To contact the College Exchequer, send an email to:

College Deputy Seneschal

Lady Courtney
of Tir Ysgithr

The College Deputy Seneschal assists the College Seneschal with the administrative duties of running the College of St. Felix. In this case, the College Deputy Senescal also acts as the College’s Rapier Marshal as well.

In UofA Club Terms, the Deputy Seneschal would be the Club’s Secretary.

College Herald

The College Herald acts as the “voice” of the College at events.
The current CSF Herald is: M’Lord Jake of Tir Ysgithr