Gawd Awful Grail on Sunday, April 5th!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brace yourselves! The time is upon us once again where the Gawd Awful Grail must find a new unfortunate soul to house it’s hideousness! There will be tournaments

for hard suit unbelted fighters, rapier, and youth combat. The “winner” of each fighting style will be “awarded” with keeping the gawd awful vessels for each category, for the next year. The Baronial archery championship will be held on the Saturday before and awarded at Gawd Awful Grail  event on Sunday April 5th. There will be other exciting activities as well!

The Easter Laurel will be making an appearance and hosting an Easter Egg Hunt with the youth. Also Tir Ysgithr will be hosting the Magnificent 7 Largesse derby competition! We are in need of Largesse to bestow to our fellow Baronies, our Highnesses and Majesties and to deserving Lords and Ladies for their good works throughout the year. An admirable trend we have seen throughout the Known World that has been a fun method to gather such largesse has been to sponsor a Largesse Derby. Some have done the “Dirty Dozen Derby” or the “Quick Six Derby” – We have chosen the “MAGNIFICENT SEVEN DERBY” as our Kingdom has 7 Baronies and we thought it would be a manageable number of items to complete. An entrant may certainly present more than 7 items at the end of the day should they wish to donate more, but for the competition, seven items are all that is required.


All entrants must create 7 items (either all the same thing-same color; same thing-different colors; different things – but like size) that are suitable for Largesse in an Early Period/Medieval/Renaissance style for use in the SCA.


7 needlebooks

7 caps or coifs

7 embroidered handkerchiefs

7 leather cup holders suitable to hang from a belt

7 children’s toys

7 pairs of earrings

7 handmade soaps

7 drawstring bags

All entries must be tagged with the name of the person who crafted or donated them and ready to be gifted the day of the competition. We will have tables available for display of the items throughout the event and will announce the winner in closing court. Items DO NOT need to be documentable! This is not an Arts and Sciences competition. Items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be able to be given to a broad range of recipients.


The winner will be chosen by Populace Choice. We will have counters/ beads and cups available and whomever gets the most beads will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, Her Excellency Magdalen will settle the decision. TRMs will be attending and rumor has it they will be showing off their best gawd awful garb! So come join us for a fun filled day at Himmel Park and proudly wear your best gawd awful garb! The site is discreetly wet, no glass bottles please, and please dispose of glass bottles off site.

Location: Himmel Park – just south of the library (library address=1035 N Treat Ave)

Site opens at 9am and closes at 5pm

Baronial Archery Tourney on Sat., April 4th!

Baronial Archery Championship

Saturday, April 4th

That time of year is soon approaching for the archers of Tir Ysgithr gather together test their prowess and skill for the chance of becoming the Baronial Archery Champion and to take home the gawd awful deer head  trophy. All populace members from our barony and other baronies across the land are encouraged to attend and participate or just cheer on their favorites. Prior to approaching the line, archers must inform the Marshal-in-Charge whether they intend to declare for Champion, and thereby take up the mantle and responsibilities of this office. Champion must be from the Barony of Tir Tsgithr.

Due to the hazardous nature of this martial activity, the site is dry and pets are restricted. Children are welcomed, but must be closely supervised by an adult. The site opens at 9am and the shoot will begin after range set-up.

The tournament will consist of TWO parts, with the second part to be a surprise!

The tournament will conclude by 1pm. There is limited seating and shade available, but all are encouraged to bring refreshments, seating and shade. There is also a restaurant available inside the Pro-shop for snacks and lunch.

Location: PSE Archery Range, 2727 N. Fairview Ave., Tucson (east of I-10,  between Grant Road & Miracle Mile).

Site fees are for the weekend so if you pay on Saturday bring your site token Sunday and do not pay again.

Adults: $3.00

Children -17:  $1.00

There is a non-member fee of $5.00 added to each adult site fee.

Sable Night on Sunday, March 29!

Oh wonderful populace,

Sable Knight has been successfully rescheduled to March 29th.

Site fee- $5. 

Where? Himmel Park

Site opens at 9AM and closes at 6PM.

Dry site.

We will have a hard suit, rapier, and youth tournaments.

There will also be a novice A&S competition with no category and the format will be populace’s choice.

We also intend to have activities for children (with parental attendance).

Any questions, please contact the autocrat:

M’Lady Hannah Gardner
(602) 653-0483



Great Helm Tourney and Feast on Saturday and Sunday, March 21 & 22!

Great Helm Tourney and Feast

Saturday, March 21 & Sunday, March 22, 2015

Greetings, Atenveldt! The time has come once more for the great Fighters of Tir Ysgithr to prove themselves in combat, one against the other, for the honored position of Captain of the Baronial Guard. Bring yourselves to our fair Barony on Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd and witness as these Warriors enter the tourney field.

The festivities will begin Saturday morning at Himmel Park. Bring your shade pavilions and banners to line the area around the tourney fence. The Champion Tourney will start promptly after opening Court. While all are welcome to enter the Tourney, only a member of the Baronial Populace may stand as Champion. The Tourney will be a traditional sword and shield, double elimination style tourney. Also on Saturday, the brave youth of the barony will compete to become our new youth champion!

In the evening, we will move to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church (less than one mile West of Himmel Park) to feast and celebrate our new Champion!

The theme for the feast is 16th century French fare during the time of Lent. There will be dishes for those observing Lent as well as meat dishes for those wishing to indulge themselves. The feast hall will open at 4:30p for set up with the first course being served at 5p or shortly after closing Court.

Throughout the feast, singers and entertainers will delight their Excellencies as they contend to become the next Bard of the Boar! New this year will be a Tantony Bard, which will be open to any contender under the age of 17. Please have two pieces ready to perform if you wish to compete to be Their Excellency’s Bard!

A sampling of the feast’s offerings:

Chicken pie with tidbits

Fish pottage on toast

Fricandeaux (stuffed cutlets)

Poached asparagus with béarnaise sauce

Cheese tarts with berry sauce

Almond pralines

The feast fee is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children aged 6-13. Feast reservations are required and may be made with our Reeve, Lady Aldontza. Seating is limited to 100 seats.

On Sunday, we will return to Himmel Park for a grand day of fighting and entertainment! Following opening court, Rapier fighters will contend for the coveted Captain of the Rapier Guard. As with the Great Helm Tourney, all rapier fighters from around the Kingdom are welcome to join in the fighting, but only a member of the Tir Ysgithr populace may become Captain. The Tourney will consist of a written test, a combat portion (tournament style to be determined based on attendance) and Something Else. Traditional blade restriction of 40 in or less will be enforced, please no case. There will be a prize for the highest scoring non-declarant.

Also on Sunday, the heavy fighters will compete for their place in the baronial guard.

Site fee for the park is $3.00 per day for adults ($6.00 for non-member adults) and $3.00 for the weekend for children aged 5-17. Children under 5 are free.

Saturday day site location: Himmel Park, 1000 S Tucson Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716. Site opens at 9 AM and is discretely damp, no glass bottles please.

Saturday evening feast site location: Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 1200 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719. Site opens at 5 PM and is dry. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot.

Sunday site location: Himmel Park, 1000 S Tucson Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716.

Site opens at 9 AM and is discretely damp, no glass bottles please.

Autocrat: Mistress Golda ferch Deiniol

Feast Steward: Mistress Dairine mor o’ uHigin

Estrella War XXXI on February 24, 2015!

Hail to gentles from far and near, … as Estrella War XXXI approaches, Atenveldt warmly greets you, and bids you welcome!

Go to for all the information you need to prepare for War!

Sable Night on January 31st!

Sable Night (College of St Felix)

When:  Saturday, Jan 31, 2015

Where:  Himmel Park, 1000 N Tucson Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716, United States

Description:  Upon the frigid winds of January, the college of St.Felix struggles not only with financial woes and unlearned duties of post, but the looming shadow of Sir Sable. That dastardly tyrant has promised revenge for his past shortcomings and has thwarted our meager attempts to protect our near empty coffers! Hence, the Greek brethren have offered to provide extra protection from the black masked fiend for our celebration of this great Barony. Come watch as our new members struggle over a quill and nervously bow at anything that moves. The more the merrier! Sir Sable wouldn’t dare show himself this year with our Barony beside us! We request that those who are able, both rapier and hardsuit, come and fight for glory and to keep our college free from the oppressive shackles of debt! Bid on the picnic baskets and compete in the Arts and Sciences competition.

Donate your items and baskets today to be included in the auction or on the prize table. Any and all support is welcome! Contact our autocrat with any questions.

Location: Himmel Park Time: January 31 2015 site opens for set up at 9am and closes at 6pm

Autocrat: Hannah Gardner thecollegeofst.​felixchatelaine​

Dragon’s Hoard Yule

When:  Sunday, Dec 7, 2014

Where:  1035 N Treat Ave, Tucson, AZ 85716, USA

Description:  The Gem of Atenveldt does invite all to attend a great deed on December 7th (the day after Mons Tonitrus Yule). Through the glory of combat and the grace of the gallery, we will vanquish the horrid beast draconis. We will begin the day with a tournament and the winner will fight the dreaded dragon. Should that warrior falter, the gallery will find suitable fighters to destroy this monster. It seems the ancient white dragon has felt it necessary to bolster his numbers with an exuberant green dragon and an impetuous red dragon. Should you prove impressive to the gallery, you will warrant a prize. If you defeat the dragon, the dragon’s horde will be unguarded and available. The dreaded Kraken has not been seen, but I have seen these tides and expect him. Layman’s terms!

December 7th, awesome tournament to start the day (youth, rapier, and hardsuit). Then after the tournament the gallery will torment and torture the fighters by making them fight the dreaded beasts!

Still working on logistics, but there may be food offered (for donation). Stay tuned for more info in that regard!

Site:  Himmel Park just south of the library.

Site fee: $3 site opens at 9 and closes at 5, site is discreetly wet

Autocrat:  Zhigmun’ Czypsser (Zhigmunandaley​

Directions- take speedway east from the I-10, take a right on Treat Ave (between Tucson and Country Club), site is at the corner of 1st St and Treat just south of the Library.

Knight Light Tournament on 09/30/2014!

Their Excellencies Sim and Magdalen invite you to the Barony of Tir Ysgithr’s annual Knight Light Tournament. We will be holding a helm auction which includes all fighters in attendance (Heavy, Rapier, and Youth fighters). The event is a fundraiser to help keep the lights on for our Tuesday night practice. The tournament formats will be determined by the number of participants, but it will include weapon of choice. Prizes will be awarded for the winner and their financer. The festivities will begin at 6pm instead of the usual 7pm . Royal Court will begin at 630pm and the helm auction will follow at around 7pm, beginning with youth. We will continue to add fighters as they arrive. Baronial Court will close out the night at approximately 10pm.

Grilled hotdogs and burgers will be available for a small donation.

Their Excellencies also encourage all participants to display their heraldry and add to the pageantry of the tournament as best they can. Donations of prizes are greatly desired and side dishes or desserts to round out the table will be gladly accepted, as well assistance in setting up, tearing down, and manning the grills.

 Please contact the autocrat, Lord Riàn hua Tadgàin, if you would like to help.  (520) 425-5251 Please no calls after 10pm

 Knight Light Tourney will take place at the regular Tuesday night fighter practice, at the SW corner of Reid Park, near the NE corner of 22nd and Country Club, west of the Cancer Memorial. No glass containers allowed in the park, and dogs must be on leashes. Parents, please be advised that the playground equipment is not lit at night and youth activities are not planned.

Site Fee: NONE


From the North: Take I-10 East to Tucson’s Speedway Blvd Exit. Head East on Speedway to Country Club, Turn South on Country Club to 22nd Street. Turn East onto 22nd Street and follow Tucson Directions.

Within Tucson: Take your best route to 22nd, east of Country Club. Enter Reid Park from 22nd St. at the Cancer Memorial, turn left into the parking lot and proceed past the playground to the area near the restrooms.

From the South: Take I-10 East to Alvernon, Take Alvernon North to 22nd Street. Turn West on 22nd Street and Take the entrance into the park by the Cancer Memorial.

Officer/Populace Meeting on June 18, 2014!

Where:  Ward 6 City Council office, 3202 E. 1st Street, Tucson, AZ

Ward 6 City Council office (Near Country Club and Speedway)

When:  Starts at 7 p.m.

From Country Club and Speedway, go South on Country Club.  Turn East on 1st street (first residential street South of Speedway).  The Ward 6 city council office is at 1st Street and Anderson Blvd, directly South of the Walgreens Pharmacy.  Enter through the back door on the South-West side of the  building.

Description:  A joint baronial officer and populace meeting to discuss everything of interest in the Barony: officers’ reports, upcoming events, Kingdom and Baronial news of importance,  Baronial expectations, projects, and concerns. The Baron and Baroness and the Baronial Seneschal head the meeting and set the agenda.

If you would like to have something put on the agenda for discussion, please contact the Baronial Seneschal,at

BTY Boar-onial A & S Competition on May 10!

Greetings and Salutations!

On Saturday, May 10th you are invited to present your artistic works for judging in the annual Boar-onial Arts and Sciences Competition. We will again be at the beautiful site of Green Fields Country Day School at 6000 N. Camino De La Tierra in Tucson, Arizona.  Site will open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.

Our Arts and Sciences Champion, Lady Eyvor and the Arts and Sciences crew invite all of you to enter your pieces into the competition. From textiles to wood to scientific creations, enter one and all so we may celebrate your craft. This includes youth! Please encourage your children and adolescents to also enter. It is a fantastic experience for everyone. For a list of categories, check the A&S page on the barony website,

If you are interested in judging, you do not need to be certified as a judge. In fact, even if you are entering the competition, you are welcome to judge categories you have not entered. Please speak to any officer of the A&S.

As a special treat, there is going to be a cardboard castle building competition.  Supplies will be provided to teams and they will have a set amount of time to complete the castles. To win, the castle must withstand a siege in order to protect a treasure.  Please register with Lady Mishia no later than May 1 so she can determine how much material needed.

For the entertainment of the populace during the judging there will be a flower tourney sponsored by Mistress Bloxam, open to both heavy and rapier fighters. Erics will be set up for the use of the combatants to challenge each other at their pleasure. The victor wins the right to direct his or her opponent to deliver a flower to the gentle of his or her choice. There will be no list or fee for entry and the field will be available until the flowers have all been given.

Households of Tir Ysgithr, we would ask a boon of you. The judges will be in need of food as they work through the event to judge the various wonderful entries of our populace. Please consider a dish that your household might provide to sustain them during their endeavors. Contact Lady Dubhchobhlaigh to let her know what you have decided to prepare.

Greenfields is a dry/nonsmoking site. Site fee for adult members is $7.00 with a $5.00 charge added for nonmembers. Children aged 5-17 is $3.00 while children under 5 are free.

Autocrat: Lady Dubhchobhlaigh Inghean An Bhaird Ui Neill –