BTY Boast & Toast on July 16th!

July 16th, 2016

Whitetail Loop, Sites 4 & 5

Mt. Lemon

The Boast and Toast is an event where members of the populace must work together in crews to win the acclaim of the day by showing their prowess of their applicable trades. Those trades include but are not limited to brewing, baking, cheese making, culinary, oratory, swashbuckling, and pageantry.

Crew registration will be open in March and due by April 3rd. Individuals will still be required to register. Crews may represent a household, a barony, or a just a motley crew of friends with a cool badge.

Each registered crew will be given a 10×10 area fronted by a 8-foot table to serve samples of their culinary and consumable delights. The number of crew members and the number of food and beverage items is only limited by what you can serve across the provided table. Be pre-pared to serve 1-3 ounce portions to 80 of your closest friends. The peak of perfection for food samples to be served at a designated hour.

Crews may request a grill and electricity and will have access to water.

Crews are encouraged start boasting early and share what they are planning to build excitement and incite rivalry.

This is a day event, however, registered crews and royalty may opt to camp the night before the event and use the morning hours to prepare. Camping the night after the event will be open to the rest of the populace. Room is only available for modern tents.

Crew members are encouraged to take shifts to sample the wares of others.

Crew members are encouraged to bend the ears of their patrons and share their expertise and experience.

Crews are encouraged to enlist a bard to participate in the toasting competition and a fighter to represent them on the field.

Crews are encouraged to decorate their area and dress themselves to support their exposition of prowess giving you opportunity to include more artisans.

Crews may bring their own ballot box. It must have a footprint of no more that 12×12 inches and accept tokens up to 2 inches in diameter.

Parking is limited and carpooling will be required for a parking permit. Pre-registration will first open to crew participants in May and last until the last parking space is sold.

This is a premier event that will enable you to inspire through sample and example. Show the rest of us your passion, what you can do, and what it looks like when we show our colors.

Gawd Awful Grail on April 10, 2016!

Good gentles, avert your eyes! We once again find ourselves in need of a “champion” to “guard” the Gawd Awful Grail. There will be tournaments for unbelted armored combat fighters, rapier, and youth. The brave soul that proves triumphant in their chosen fighting style will be tasked with the great burden… er, honor of housing the respective gawd awful vessel for the next year.

The Gawd Awful Grail has a storied history in Tir Ysgithr. But much like any other origin story, every culture has their own version. The Greeks have their own ideas (as they often do…) on how the Grail came to be. The populace is invited to dress in the Greek theme, but all period garb styles are welcome.

And if you’re looking for some Gawd Awful Arts, look no further than the Gawd Awful Vessel competition. No documentation needed, period materials not required. Work in any medium you choose (glass is not the only option!). Judging will be done by Populace Choice (counters and cups will be available).

Should a tie need to be broken, the winner will be chosen from the tied entries by Their Excellencies. Court will be at Their Excellencies’ discretion.

Site Fee: $5 for adults, $10 for non-member adults, $1 for children

When: Sunday, April 10, 2016 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Location: Himmel Park, (NE corner), 1035 N. Treat Ave, Tucson Please do not drive on the grass during set up and tear down. There is shade and water on site. The site is discreetly wet, smoking is allowed but please be mindful of litter, and pets are welcome, but must be leashed and picked up after. There is playground equipment nearby where parents may take their children.

Autocrats: Celestina Winterborne (Rachel McAllister), phone: 520-260-2506 no calls after 9:00pm. & Zoe of Alexandria (Jasmine Hungerford). Phone: 520-307-4086 no calls after 9:00pm

Directions: From the north, take I-10 to Speedway exit, proceed east and turn right at Treat Ave. One block past Tucson Blvd. From the south, take I-10 to Alvernon exit, proceed north, and turn left on Speedway, then proceed west and turn left at Treat Ave., past Country Club. The park is one block south of Speedway, just past the library. Parking is available on the street or in the parking lot to the west of the library.

BTY Archery Championship on April 9th!

When:  Saturday, April 9, 2016

Description:  Wax your bow strings and check your fletching. Mark your calendars now for The Gawd Awful Archer shoot. The Gawd Awful Tournament will start at 9:30 AM with a few breakfast snacks available. Loaner equipment will be available and children are always welcome with parental supervision. This year our theme will be The God Awful Greek Mythology adventure. Where shooting the monsters will gain you points, but not so many points if you hit a god or goddess. Person with the most points win!

We will have first second and third place for adults and children. We will also be having our BTY Archery Championship shoot that will determine who will take the place of our current champion Lord Loys LeFevre.

Site Fee: Range fee is $5 to shoot, with a $5 dollar non membership fee. This not only covers your shoot for the day but your range fee covers the God Awful event on Sunday as well. Garb is encouraged. See you at the shoot!

Location: PSE, 2727 N. Fairview Ave

Autocrats: Aysun al-Andalusi (Hope Dorris) 520-272-6561,


Great Helm Tournament and Hunter Feast on March 19 and 20, 2016!

All heed the call to Great Helm! The Barony of Tir Ysgithr wishes to invite all who read this missive to join us in celebration to discover our new Baronial Champions! March 19th and 20th, 2016 at Himmel Park, due south of the library. Site opens at 9:00am and closes at sunset. There will be both hardsuit and rapier tournaments to determine The Captains of the Guard on Saturday, March 19th. The hardsuit Great Helm Tournament is standard single opponent, double elimination sword and shield. The rapier Captain of the Guard tournament style will be a Round Robin, giving all fighters a chance to battle every other fighter. The final round will be fought between the two highest scoring fighters from the day. Cut and Thrust will be permitted at fighter discretion. Sunday March 20th, the traditional guardsman tournament weapon used will be glaive, the format TBD based on attendance. The Baronial Youth Champion tournament will be on Saturday. Youth combatants may borrow gear if they do not own their own kits. We encourage all our young fighters to come out ready to be the victor of the day!

In lieu of an evening feast, a Hunter’s Feast will be provided during the tournaments at the park on Saturday. A separate feast fee will apply for those interested in enjoying our modern spin on a Medieval standard. Hunters’ Feast Menu: We plan to serve a variety of sausages including venison, pork, and chicken, roasted root vegetables with fresh bread rolls, and fruit tarts for dessert. Bardic Champions Calling all BARDS!!! Their Excellencies will be holding the Bard of the Boar (18+) and Tantony Bard (Youth ages 5-17) competitions during the Hunter’s Feast on Saturday! The theme is Comedy and Tragedy. Each entrant must have two pieces, a story, poem or song – one to make them laugh, and one to make them cry. 11 Volume 26 January 2016 Anno Societatus L Issue 9.

Site Fee: Adults: $3.00 Child (5-17): $3.00 Child (Under 5): Free $5.00 Non-Member surcharge will apply to site fee.

Feast Fee: Adults: $6.00 Child (5-17): $3.00 Child (Under 5): Free

Please RSVP for our feast no later than 2/29/16 to our exchequer Lady Aldontza Nefaria (Renee Darling) at

Site is discreetly wet. Pets are allowed if leashed. All pet owners must pick up after their pets as per city ordinance. Smoking is allowed, but please be courteous of others. Court will be at Their Excellencies’ discretion. Location: Himmel Park 1000 N Tucson Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716. Event Steward: Lady Elizabeth de Rose (Dawn Phull) 520-471-3820 Feast Steward: Lady Elizabeth de Rose (Dawn Phull) 520-471-3820 ( Co-Feast Steward: Mistress Dairine Mor O hUigin, O.L. (Gael Stirler) 520-591-1327

DIRECTIONS: From the north, take I-10 to Speedway exit 257, proceed east and turn right at Treat Ave., one block past Tucson Blvd. From the south, take I-10 to Alvernon exit, proceed north, and turn left on Speedway, then proceed west and turn left at Treat Ave., past Country Club. The park is one block south of Speedway, just past the library. Parking is available on the street or in the parking lot to the west of the library. Please do not drive on the grass during set up and tear down.

Estrella War from February 23-March 1!

Click here: for more information or contact the Main Event Stewards at Mains

Come and enjoy the warmth and Courtesy of Atenveldt and Outlands at the 32nd Estrella War!

Come to Estrella War to embrace old friends and make new ones. Enjoy the warmth of the Solar Kingdom and be ready to make new stories and tell old tales!

Estrella is held at beautiful Schnepf Farms: 24810 S. Rittenhouse Rd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142