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Barony of Tir Ysgithr Arts & Sciences Virtual Display and Competition

Greetings and welcome! Given the unusual format of our Arts event this year, we wish to provide more information on how to enter and what to expect for the day. If you have any questions not covered in this document, please contact us through any of the options listed at the end of the FAQs. Thank you for joining us, and we can’t wait to see your faces and projects!

How to attend the Virtual Display and Competition:

  1. On June 13th, dress as you normally would for an SCA
  2. Follow the posted link to join the various Zoom rooms in use for the
  3. …That’s it! There is no sign up required or site

How to enter the Virtual Display:

  1. Decide what arts you wish to
  2. Consolidate all photos and associated labels or documentation into a single Word or PDF document titled with your SCA
  3. Fill out the Virtual Display Google
  4. Wait for confirmation
  5. Follow the directions in the email to upload your document to the Google Drive and virtually sign the Grant of Use
  6. Attend event!

How to compete for Baronial Champion:

  1. Choose which two entries you wish to submit for
  2. Consolidate all photos and associated labels or documentation into a single Word or PDF document titled with your SCA
  3. Fill out the Baronial Champion Google (Link available at the top of this page)
  4. Wait for the confirmation
  5. Follow the directions in the email to upload your document to the Google Drive and virtually sign the Grant of Use Release (Both are available at the top of the page). The email will also include the scheduled time for your interview and
  6. Attend event!

Important Dates:

May 23rd           Google Forms will be published no later than this day (watch for announcement!) June 6th         Last day to submit Google Forms for Display or Competition

June 13th           Event Day

Tentative Timeline of the Day:

8.30 am                        Event begins, Zoom rooms open

9 am                             Opening Court

9.30 am                        Judging and virtual display begins 12 noon-1.30 pm      Lunch Break

1.30 pm                        Judging and virtual display continues

4.30 pm                        Closing Court

5.30 pm                        Event ends, Zoom rooms close

Looking Ahead:

Dragon’s Horde will host our Household Championship and Consumable Arts Competitions. All eligible households of the Barony are welcome to compete. Start planning now to bring us your best and most elaborate group project to wow our judges and show why Tir Ysgithr is truly the Gem of Atenveldt.


What exactly is a Virtual Display?

A Virtual Display is our answer to the current social distancing guidelines. All the Virtual Display entries will be hosted on the Baronial website as viewable PDF files and will be listed by entrant name.

During the event, we will have Zoom rooms assigned for general arts discussion. Interested artisans are encouraged to sit with a selection of their entries (if possible) and discuss them with the attending populace. Topical breakout rooms (i.e. scribal, weaving, metalwork, etc.) will be available upon request.

Performing arts and Baronial Champion entries will be scheduled in a separate room, viewable by all attendees, but general attendee’s microphones will be muted for the benefit of the performers and entrants.

Who can enter?

All Atenveldt populace are welcome to join our Virtual Display. All Barony of Tir Ysgithr populace are welcome to compete for Baronial Champion.

What kinds of projects can I enter?

For the Virtual Display, all types of projects are welcome! If your project is something difficult to share virtually, please consider taking photos or short videos to accompany any documentation.

All Performing arts will be scheduled for a specific time slot and will be attended by the Baron and Baroness, and the room will be open to all attendees.

For Baronial Champion entries, culinary and brewing are unable to be properly judged in this format. There will be a separate consumable arts competition in the autumn at Dragon’s Horde.

How many projects can I enter?

For the Virtual Display, there is no limit—please enter as many as you wish to share. For the Baronial Champion, only two entrant-selected items will be judged. Champion candidates may also enter the Virtual Display to exhibit a larger selection of their arts.

Can I upload videos?

Yes, short videos (less than five minutes) are welcome.

Is formal documentation required?

No documentation is required for the Display, but please label each item so we may know what we are viewing. Minimal Documentation is required for Baronial Champion entries, but full formal documentation is welcome as well.

What does the title of Baronial Champion entail?

The Baronial Champion wears the Champion regalia medallion and is given the option of either competing to defend their title or joining the judging panel for the following year’s competition. There is no formal job associated with this title.

Why do I have to sign the release to enter?

SCA rules require a Grant of Use release since the entry files will be hosted on the Baronial website. You are welcome to attend the event and discuss your projects if you do not wish to sign, but we must have a signed form for all formal entrants. The form may be signed digitally—no need to print and mail.

Do I have to stay online for the whole event?

No! Other than Champion entrants and performers with an assigned time for their presentations, please feel free to join us for as long as you wish. There will also be a 1.5-hour lunch break so that all participating artisans may take a longer rest if they desire.

I’m not tech savvy, please help!

We can help troubleshoot individual technical issues and assist with converting files to PDF, as well as assist with uploading. Please contact our web minister at webminister@btysca.org .

What about the Populace/Laurel’s choice selections?

On the day of the event, a Google Form will be available to cast votes for the Populace and Laurel’s choice artisan awards. The form will be available from the beginning of the event until half an hour before closing court, or roughly 4 pm.

Who can I contact for questions not covered here?

For questions pertaining to the Arts & Sciences aspect of the event, please contact Lady Emma Wheeler at as@btysca.org , on Facebook (Lauren Wilcox), or by text message at 520-505-9184.

For questions pertaining to the Event itself, please contact the steward, Mistress Magdalen Venturosa, at magdalen67@gmail.com , on Facebook (Monique Berry Lyon), or by phone at 520-258-8705.

For questions pertaining the technical aspect of the event, please contact Lord Niall MacTaggart at webminister@btysca.org .


Arts and Sciences Virtual Display:

  1. All artisans are encouraged to enter a selection of their arts into our Virtual Display. There is no minimum or maximum number of items to
  2. Basic label-style documentation is encouraged for ease of viewing, but all forms of documentation are
  3. Entries will be grouped by artisan, not by
  4. Due to the challenges of virtual judging, only entrants competing for baronial champion will be formally judged. Participating artisans will have the opportunity for informal conversation with any attendee if they desire more direct
  5. Populace Choice and Laurel’s Choice will be chosen via Google Form once all entries are available for


  1. Performance entries will be scheduled in a separate virtual “room”, open to all attendees. All

attendee microphones will be muted during performances.

  1. Culinary and brewing entries are, unfortunately, unable to be accommodated virtually. Pertinent documentation is welcome to be displayed, and a separate culinary and brewing competition will be hosted at Dragon’s
  1. Youth entries are welcome, and documentation is encouraged but is by no means

Baronial Champion:

  1. Artisans wishing to be considered for Champion must sign up via Google Form by June
  2. Champion entrants will be judged on two entries and their documentation, as well as an interview with the panel; excess entries are welcome in the Virtual
  3. Competing artisans will be judged by a panel consisting of the Baron and Baroness, the Minister of Arts and Sciences, and a selection of
  4. Judging will take place in a separate virtual “room” to allow for easier
  5. The baronial champion earns the right to wear the Champion regalia medallion, and to join the

panel for the next year’s champion judging if desired.

Household Champion:

  1. Considering the challenges of virtual judging, the household champion competition has been

postponed to Dragon’s Horde.

  1. An eligible household group consists of three to five active baronial
  2. Each household member is required to enter one personal entry, with a maximum of
  3. Each household group must enter one group project. Any and all members of a household may contribute to the group
  4. Full formal documentation is encouraged but not