Boast and Toast

Pre-Registration Form

Boast and Toast is an event where members of the populace must work together in crews to win the acclaim of the day by showing their prowess of their applicable medieval trades. Those trades include but are not limited to brewing, baking, cheese making, culinary, oratory, and pageantry.

The theme this year is Favorites, Old and New. Period favorites, household favorites, personal favorites: food, drink, poetry, songs, stories.

Boast and Toast is a camping event! We are at Showers Point this year. See the section below for all the details.

Pre-registration and Crew registration forms are available anywhere site fees are collected and will be open until June 12, 2018. If you are not camping and are open to the possibility of parking on general forest land, you need not pre-register.

Crews may represent a household, a barony, or a just a motley crew of friends. Contact Viscountess Wander to register your crew.

Each registered Crew will be given an area fronted by a table, under the Baronial Pavilion, to serve samples of their culinary and consumable delights. The number of Crew members and the number of food and beverage items is only limited by what you can serve across the provided table. Be
prepared to serve 1-3 ounce portions to 80 of your closest friends. The peak of perfection for food samples to be served on Saturday, at 1 PM. Crews may request a charcoal grill (you must provide the charcoal), but a propane stove or grill is recommended as backup. Everyone will have access to potable water, bear proof food containers and bear proof trashcans all located within the various ramadas.

Crews are encouraged start boasting early and share what they are planning to build excitement and incite rivalry.

Crew members are encouraged to take shifts to sample the wares of others.

Crew members are encouraged to bend the ears of their patrons and share their expertise and experience.

Crews are encouraged to enlist a bard to participate in the toasting competition.

Crews are encouraged to decorate their area and dress themselves to support their exposition of

prowess giving you opportunity to include more artisans.

Crews may bring their own ballot box. It must have a footprint of no more that 12×12 inches and accept tokens up to 2 inches in diameter.
This is a premier event that will enable you to inspire through sample and example. Show the rest of us your passion, what you can do, and what it looks like when we show our colors.

Youth Food Competition Guidelines

The intent of this competition is to encourage curiosity about the medieval origins of the foods we eat today. A competitor shall choose a single ingredient to be the “Star Ingredient” of their dish and research where it was grown and who ate it. They will also learn to be good feast participants by tracking the ingredients used and highlighting common allergens for the safety of the populace.

Entries can be food or beverage. a single youth may enter up to three items given that they provide a separate form for each entree. The only edible banned from this competition is alcohol, as the entrants are under the age of twenty-one.

General Information
All pets must obey the leash and pet waste laws.

Monsoon activity is possible, though not likely in June, prepare for wet weather and possible cooler nighttime temperatures.

The altitude is 8000 feet. If you have breathing issues please bring needed medication/equipment.

The site must be vacated by 11 AM on Sunday, June 17, 2016.

Registration Fee:

Adult: $15.00 with a $5.00 membership discount applied to the registration
Child (5-17): $3.00
Child (under 5): Free

Saturday 9 AM – Registration Opens.
1 PM – The Main Culinary Event.
2 PM – Toasting Competition.
3 PM – Leftover Frenzy & Ballot Counting.

Bardic fun around the fire circles for those camping overnight.

Event Steward:
Viscountess Wander Riordan, OL (Jennifer Tifft)
Phone: (510) 693 0914 (please no calls after 9:00pm, texting is preferred).

Site Steward: Viscountess Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale, OL, OP (Vickie Wortman)
Phone: (520) 400-0078 (please no calls after 9:00 PM).

Youth Competition: Lady Ponar’ia Apoloseva (Kelly Simmons)

Site Information

Showers Point, Mt. Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

The three group campsites at Showers Point are spacious and spread out among stands of big ponderosa pines and clusters of Gambel oak and include:

Site # 1- Common gathering and Boast & Toast Competition area will be held in Site #1, on its large developed pad, under the baronial shade pavilions. Open for team/individual use in Site # 1 are: one shade ramada with fireplace and two 8 ft. tables, two free standing open faced charcoal grills, one ground fire pit, one large water faucet for drinking and dishwashing, and one bear proof food container.

Fifteen undeveloped tent areas available.

Site # 2- Serves as Their Excellencies Baronial encampment and will host one team, ADA individuals (only ADA accessible site) and visiting Nobility. Site #2 has one shade ramada with fireplace, two 8 ft. tables and one 6 ft table. Three free standing open faced charcoal grills, one ground fire pit, one large water faucet for drinking and dishwashing and one bear proof food container. Four developed camping pads (average measurements- 21 ft X 19 ft), with sixteen additional undeveloped tent areas (total capacity of 20 tents).

Site #3- Largest site, with one developed camping pad measuring 70 ft (length) X 55 ft (width) X 15 ft (deep). One shade ramada with fireplace and two 8 ft. tables, three free standing open faced charcoal grills, one ground fire pit, one large water faucet for drinking and dishwashing and two bear
proof food containers. Accessed by foot by primitive service road (next to camp host’s RV). Located farthest from restroom and trash receptacles. 15 additional undeveloped tent areas (total capacity of 25 tents).

Four new vault toilets serve all three sites and are centrally located between Sites #1 and #2. All trash containers are located at the bathrooms.

This is a rustic site with no electricity.

Site Information:

Vehicle parking is extremely limited. 20 possible parking spaces are available, if we get up close and personal, in the camping area. Tandem or covered and flat bed trailers will be parked at the trailhead just to the left of Shower Point’s entrance. Small vehicles may park along Organization Ridge Road, as it is general forest area, providing parking does not impinge on emergency service vehicle access.

Additional parking, perfect for day tripping, is the trailhead just before the Palisades Ranger Station (it has both restrooms and drinking water).

No hookups available

No RV’s permitted

No showers available

Bears, Cougars and other animals live in the area; all food must be secured in bear proof containers and trash disposed in the bear proof trash cans provided.

Organization Ridge Road is an all-weather gravel road

The road into the campground off Organization Ridge Road is paved

Fire restrictions may be in effect. If so, No wood or charcoal fires will be permitted. However, propane grills, stoves, lanterns and fire pit are permitted under fire restrictions.

Prevent the spread of tree-killing pests by obtaining firewood near your destination and burning it on site.

General store is located in Summerhaven, which sells ice, food, and camping equipment (and amazing fudge!).

Emergency Services: Fire, paramedic, and Pima County Sherriff Department and can be reached by dialing 911 on your cell phone. Estimated response time is 5 to 7 minutes.