Necessary Arts and Sciences

The Necessary Arts and Sciences Night:

The Necessary Arts and Sciences are held on the first Wednesday of the month, from 6 PM-9 PM.

Room “C” for A&S and room “A” for the first of two Baronial scriptoriums.

Where: the Ward 2 City Council building, 7575 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85710 (between Kolb Road and North Pantanto Road, off of Fremming Ave).

Format: If you are anything like me when working on your arts or science project, a regularly scheduled night (not to mention the comradery) is just the formula needed to get the project underway or completed. Projects best suited for this space are: Clothing, decorative/fine arts, needlework, fiber/textile arts, leatherwork and of course manuscript art.

Baroness Tigra offers her talent in early garb construction. A fully equipped workstation awaits your project. Her Excellency can help you with patterning and sewing of your garment. You need only provide your material and thread.

Lady Olalla Ruyz de Zaragoza heads the baronial largess project.
Volunteers willing to make largess for Baron Brendan and Baroness Tigra will make one for Their Excellencies and take one home for themselves. All materials will be provided. The lists of largess projects are as follows:

  • Cloth bands with water absorbent material to cool the neck and forehead
  • Tissue packet holders that hide modern hand size tissues
  • Heavy linen or canvas bags, cloth painted
  • Scissor covers and needlework pin cushions
  • Linen embroidered bread covers in woven baskets
  • Linen cup covers with beads
  • Fleece baby booties
  • Felted & stitched cell phone covers
  • Light/rainbow sun catchers
  • Beaded drawstring pouches

Largess projects will be announced monthly on BTY’s Book of Faces.

Space is also available for those wishing to share their talents and teach or demonstrate an Arts or science class. If you wish to teach a class, serve as a workstation instructor, or have any questions/comments please contact:

Viscountess Victoria, OL, OP, Minister of the Arts and Sciences, Far Speaker & text at (520) 400-0078, Email or, the Book of Faces, Barony of Tir Ysgithr.

Lady Olalla Ruyz de Zaragoza, Deputy Minister of the Arts and Sciences, Far Speaker (503) 314-2197, email or