Cottage Crafts

Cottage Crafts:

Cottage crafts are those arts and sciences that are hosted in private residential dwellings. They are held monthly, spread throughout the Barony, and cover a wide variety of arts and sciences. SCA garb is not required.

Please note that as individuals host these events and sometimes life happens.  Cancellations, date/time changes or updates may be found on the baronial Facebook Page: Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson Chapter), Google Groups Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson Chapter) posted by coordinator of the cottage.

Heraldry Hut:

Heraldry Hut is held on the third Friday of the month beginning at 7:30 pm. This is an opportunity for gentles throughout the kingdom to consult with our Kingdom Submission Herald, Baroness Marta as tu Mika Mysliwy, OL, OP, on a suitable SCA name, device or badge. For directions or more information please contact Her Excellency (520) 881-9492,, or the Book of Faces.

Fun and Causal Bardic Circle:

Hosted one Friday of the month, by Lord Quillion and Lord Nial at 8PM at their residence, 1823 North 3rd Ave, Tucson 85705. Dates and the theme of the evening are posted on the Baronial Book of Faces. They ask that you join them around the fire for a night of merriment and music, food and friends. Some food will be provided, feel free to bring some to share as well, oh and a chair as well.

Cook’s Guild:

Cooks’ Guild meets the fourth Wednesday of every month starting at 7:30 pm. Cook’s Guild is a gathering of those interested in period cooking and recipes. Each month, a different food theme is chosen and participants are encouraged to prepare and bring a dish and its recipe following the theme to share. Site changes monthly. For directions or more information please contact Baroness Marta (see contact information under Heraldry Hut).

Arts at Aasni’s:

Lady Aasni Ranghildsdotter offers an open pottery studio on the second Wednesday of the month and in addition several weekends a month as well. For those who have ever wanted to make their own feast gear or create in clay come to Aasni’s Art Studio and learn clay construction. You will also decorate your piece in a surface decoration of your choice. If have other projects to work on, you are welcome to bring them and share the company and resources. Please contact Lady Aasni on her Book of Faces group: Aasni’s art Studio or email her at

Arts at the Viscounty:

Their Excellencies invite you to share their resources and fellowship at their home. Several workstations are set up on a semi permanent basis. Each workstation includes all the pertinent equipment and materials. The work stations are: Sewing, cloth painting (Her Excellency manages the The Paynter’s Guild of Atenveldt-BTY chapter), brewing, slip cast pottery and manuscript arts. Available dates and times will be posted on the Baronial Book of Faces. We are located at 16560 S. Kolb Rd, Sahuarita, AZ 85629. Far speaker (520) 400-0078. Email

Other Classes:
Every effort is made to schedule guest artisans to travel to our beloved barony and share their expertise in the arts and sciences. These are typically hosted at Their Excellency’s home and scheduled on an available weekend or at the artisan’s home, which is equipped for their class.

If you wish to teach a class please contact Their Excellencies or Their Baronial Minister of the Arts and Sciences.