Art at a glance

An overview of BTY’s Arts and Sciences Scheduled Activities

One of the goals for the Arts and Sciences office in the gem of Atenveldt is to provide a venue for interested artisans to achieve their highest artistic excellence in pre-17th Century art or science through the vehicle of education and experience. To that end we offer not only the scheduled Necessary Arts and Sciences night and Cottage Crafts, but also scheduled A&S mini competition, classes or demonstrations at every BTY event. In some cases the event showcases the arts and sciences and in others, the arts and sciences are inclusive.

To see exactly when things are happening in the Barony, please check out the Baronial Calendar here.

January – Southern Kingdom War Practice:
This event showcases our magnanimous cooks of the Barony as they donate their time, effort and food to the great cause of feeding the visiting Royalty and populace.

February – Estrella War:
Baronial artisan’s have the opportunity to represent their kingdom by competing in the Estrella War A&S Competition, chose to serve as an instructor in the EW Collegium or further their knowledge by attending classes. Artisans can also participate in the scheduled artisans’ showcase. Necessary A&S night is not held during February.

March – Great Helm and Sable Knight:
Demonstrations or a feast is provided depending on the Event Steward. in 2019, Bannthegn Magdalen, OP, provided a delicious feast.
Also included in March is the College of Saint Felix event, Sable Knight. Each year the Event Steward arranges for an A&S activity at this event as well, to help promote the arts.

April – Gawd awful Grail:
This event sees the “Bard of the Boar” bardic competition. Also scheduled “Best Bread and Butter” mini competition and a fundraiser for the A&S office in the form of food baskets created by the populace and auctioned.

May – Spring Coronation:
The artisans showcase their talents by creating largess to be gifted in baskets to either the outgoing Royalty in appreciation for Their service or incoming Royalty as a courtly grace and a gesture of good will. The presentation of beautiful scrolls created by our BTY scribes earns our artisans word fame and the recipient’s delight.

June -Boast and Toast:
Teams compete for the bragging rights in various categories centering on pre- 17th Century culinary and brewing arts. With the coming of evening bardic takes center stage.

Kingdom Collegium:
Presents the BTY artisans with both the opportunity to learn and teach the arts and sciences.

July – BTY’s Invitational Arts and Sciences Competition:

  • Provides a forum for artisans to share their pre-17th Century appropriate sciences and artworks with the Baronial populace for the purpose of being both educational and inspirational to the populace.
  • Provides a venue for interested artisans to achieve their highest artistic excellence through the vehicle of Peer and populace constructive interaction.
  • Provides encouragement to artisans to continue their education in the arts and sciences by seeking out new artistic endeavors beyond their category(s) of expertise.
  • Provide outstanding artisans recognition for their skill and expertise through the format described herein.
  • Provides artisans with the skill sets needed to compete in the Kingdom A&S Competition.

Necessary Arts and Sciences night is not held in the July.

Highlands War:
Provides artisans with the opportunity to both take and teach classes at the Highlands Collegium.

September – Fall Coronation & Kingdom Arts and Science Competition:

October – Dragon’s Hoard:
Best Beasty Culinary subtlety and drink are the traditional mini competitions, however the Event Steward may come up with something new.

November – War College.
A different kind other than the traditional A&S Collegium is being offered. This collegium’s focus is all on the arts and sciences that support the martial arts.

December – Yule Events and Winterhaven
Caroling through Winterhaven under its starry light displays has been this Barony’s tradition for many a year now. In addition, some populace members will open their homes and host 12th Night Parties, which are not official SCA Events and may not require sca garb- but are certainly a chance to show off some culinary talents, and enjoy the hospitality of others in our fair Barony.